Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Entertaining News from Everywhere.

So here's some headlines from the across the intranets today:

A Texas sheriff's office believes they've caught the elusive Chupacabra on film. Click here to see the video.
On Wednesday, three "Bigfoot" hunters claimed they found the body of the elusive creature in the wilds of Georgia. They're having a press conference on Friday in Palo Alto, CA and will reveal the details then. DNA evidence will supposedly be presented to prove their case. The Bigfoot discoverers said the creature is more than 7 feet tall and weighs about 500 pounds. Its flat feet are similar to humans and its foot print is 16 3/4 inches long.
Pineapple Express star James Franco has revealed that we could be seeing a Pineapple Express-meets-Superbad flick on the big screen!

Franco told MTV:

“Even before ‘Superbad’ came out, I think the studio was trying to get [Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] to write a sequel, but they really didn’t want to write a sequel. I guess the kids would go to college or something like that [that was the studio's idea]. And so, an answer to that was to do a ‘Superbad’/'Pineapple Express’ crossover, an unprecedented crossover movie with two directors, Greg Motolla and David Gordon Green, each directing half of the movie and somehow these characters get together, which doesn’t make sense at all, but could work.”

Rogen himself has stated that he’d be interested in a “Pineapple” sequel. But how would he combine the two universes? Just ask Franco.

“I could sell them [the characters from 'Superbad'] something, but I think we’d want some action, so you know, somehow the kids get in trouble somehow and we have to get them out of it. And Seth plays characters in both movies, so somehow we’d have to kill one of them off.”
According to reports, Billy Bob Thornton has been cast as Freddy Krueger for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

The original Freddy, Robert Englund, says he thinks Billy Bob is an "excellent choice" and, "A big budget should mean the film will look a lot better than some of the old movies."

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