Thursday, August 14, 2008

WWTDD.COM Likes Dongs.. Jennifer Love Hewitt Is STILL Hot!

The unfortunate thing about being a low key entertainment news site, is having to venture out to other sites to snag information. Sites like and where it is nothing but idiots and homos running around posting shit. likes to write about how they could care less about Brooke Hogan, so..... why are they writing anything about her? If they could care less about her... stop writing and posting pictures of her? Usually they attack Jennifer Love Hewitt for gaining a few pounds. Heaven forbid one of the hottest pieces of ass in film and television gain a little weight. I'd still hit it. says "In November, Jennifer Love Hewitt took some famous pictures in Hawaii (these pictures) showing that she had gained like 1800 pounds. It was amazing. And in her defense, she said she was a size 2 and there’s nothing wrong with her body. And to prove she meant what she said, she then immediately went on an insane diet. Wait, what? Us magazines cover story says...

Now, the Ghost Whisperer star has the last laugh.
In the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, the 32-year-old shows off the new body she got after just 10 weeks and her trainer reveals to Us exclusively how she lost 18 pounds.
"I am in a pretty good workout regimen that I like, so it inspired me to keep it up," Hewitt tells Us. "The energy level and the way I feel now is great."

Whatever. You’re not fooling me big ass. The picture they have of her on the cover proves nothing. I want her to recreate her Hawaii trip shot for shot, and I want her to put things next to her ass so I have a sense of perspective, like a Coke can and a football. I know this sounds extreme, but don't you kid yourself, Jennifer Love Hewitt would eat you and everyone you care about if given the chance. The only language they understand is aggression.

Whatever, retard. If Jennifer Love Hewitt came to this morons door and dropped her pants and ripped her shirt off and said FUCK ME, NOW. I am sure this guy would say OH NO YOU ARE A FATTY I HATE YOU EWWW GROSS!!! Then turn around and continue sucking the cock of whatever homeless guy he paid 5 bucks to.

Anyways, if you are wondering exactly what Jennifer Love RandomVillain is looking like these days...Shit even when she was a little on the chunky side, she was still pretty damn cute. Besides, in my perfect world, my conversation with the writer of would probably go like this...

Me: Hey man, what'd you do last night?

WWTDD: Played Halo, ate some pizza, you?

Me: Oh I fucked Jennifer Love Hewitt.

My thoughts exactly. Anyways, here is some more greatness for you fine readers out there.

Yeah I know icky huh?

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