Friday, April 24, 2009

George W. Bush is Making Me Pay for his Penis Pump

So I'm sitting here watching Team America ( Fuck yeah!) on Comedy Central when some commercials come on. I'm pretty numb to the usual Girls Gone Wild and dick pill commercials that come on late at night. I'm glad to know that so many guys are finding help with their male enhancement issues and some dudes even don't care about their size but want better performance. Ok, great. Next thing I know a commercial for a damn penis pump comes on. It's the medically-approved? PosTvac for e.d.

The best part? This old dude tells me it's approved for purchase through Medicare Part D. Nice! in case you don't remember, Medicare Part D is a huge government program that was championed by George W. Bush and quite a few of his good friends, including some of the so-called conservatives that tried to become "leaders" in the "tea party" movement.

So I just thought it was interesting that while everyone is bitching about Obama's spending policies, George W. Bush's legacy will include spending trillions of dollars being The World Police and buying penis pumps from tv commercials.

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