Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Only Thing Worse Than Bad Drivers... Bad Parkers

Alright, I can never, and will never understand how someone on a freeway gets into an accident.

It is one, continuous straight road. Where everyone is supposed to go the same speed. There should be no reason for an accident.

So this morning, I drop my nephew off late at school, and I gotta go into the office to sign him in, there is 1 parking spot left, I go to pull into it and.....Really? Come the fuck on people. There are two giant white lines that help you know EXACTLY where to park so you're not a foot into the other space making it impossible for someone without a motorcycle or one of those faggy smart cars to park there.

Anyways, I drop him off get him signed in all that good shit and head off to work. I pull into the parking lot and go to park in the front area so I can avoid the trek across the parking lot and what do I see.....Mother fucking REALLY?! Two fuckhead parking jobs in less than an hour. Now, there is no giant white line here, there is but its faded as fuck, but even still, I have seen people in dirt lots that know how to park properly. Right next to another car, about 2 feet away.

This is not science people. Learn to fucking park, or I will begin to take matters into my own hands.

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