Friday, April 3, 2009

You know what pisses me off?

Those fucking ads on websites that scream 'CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST WON A FREE APPLE IPOD JUST CLICK ON THIS AD AND FILL OUT THE FORM ON THE NEXT SCREEN' while I'm listening to iTunes with the volume up loud. Cuz the music is loud sure, but that fucking shit is like 10 times louder. And then you click on the ad, and do you actually think for a second you're gonna win an ipod? You're a fucking idiot if you fall for that shit. So fuck you ipod ad people.

That's almost as stupid as watching a downloaded version of Wolverine and then bitching that it sucks, when it's missing 10 minutes of key plot scenes and all the CGI and music that goes in to the movie. Yeah real fucking stupid.

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