Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Open letter to NBC: Please Save CHUCK!

NBC for the love of God... I loved Journeyman and you canceled it. I was starting to really like Kings, and you banished it to the summer... but please, under no circumstances, should you even consider cancelling Chuck. I know it's on the bubble, but damn it, it shouldn't be. Spoilers coming up!

Chuck has to be one of the most fun and entertaining shows on television, and this past Monday's season (hopefully not series) finale was so awesome, that when it ended I was really frustrated. I need more! The late season addition of Scott Bakula as Chuck's dad and the subsequent storyline were so awesome (there's that word again), Ellie and Devon's wedding disaster at the hands of Morgan and "Jeffster" (oh god how funny was Dr. Woodcomb's line about Lester looking like an Indian Lesbian) was so hilarious, and then the second wedding was sweet and touching. The return of Bryce Larkin was exhilirating. Sarah finally realizing that she can't leave Chuck because she loves him, and then the big showdown with Ted Roark (played to perfection by Chevy Chase) were intense and exciting.... and then came the big ending. In an effort to protect the country and save the people he loves, Chuck realizes he has no choice but to put the NEW Intersect back in to his brain... and I emphasize new, because this isn't your mom and dad's Intersect. The new Intersect apparently not only allows you to flash on objects, but it now uploads content to your brain, ala The Matrix... and when Chuck suddenly starts to kick the ass out of every bad agent in the room, you realize that this show just took a turn so exciting, that it reminds me and you of the best action shows of the past. I seriously had a sense of reminiscence for the A-Team or the Bionic Man. In the final moments of the show Chuck uploads the ability to fight the villains, just like Neo did in the Matrix, and in the final line of the season (again hopefully not the series) he says to Sarah and Casey with a look of shock and delight on this face "I know Kung-Fu" and in that moment I realize that this show is definitely one of my favorites.

The season may be over, but the show is completely available on and the first season is out on DVD. I can't tell you how much awesome (3rd time!) you are missing out on if you're not watching this show. It's something you can watch with your wives or girlfriends even, but still get all the great buddy-buddy action and techy nerd humor that you crave. This is no doubt one of the most creative and exciting shows on TV, not to mention how funny it is. You should be watching Chuck. You'll thank me when you're done!

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