Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Friends And Family. I Will NOT Keep Them In My Thoughts And Prayers. Deal With It.

MySpace is becoming a tad bit annoying.

I sign in, I see bulletins posted by people. And sometimes, they will say this.

"Rachel was in an accident!"

So, the first thought is... who the hell is Rachel? And why am I being informed of this? So I open it up and read. And it just asks me to please, keep her in my thoughts and prayers....

Well uh...

I don't know who this person is.

They don't know who I am.

And how is thinking of them, going to make them better? I don't pray either since I'm not really religious at all. But I know that wouldn't help either.

The people that post those bulletins, need help. They're asking me to keep some random stranger in my thoughts and prayers. Well guess what, there are literally MILLIONS of people out there, who are also in the hospital, and those bulletin posters aren't keeping them in their thoughts and prayers. So why would they expect me to?

Anyways, I posted a bulletins on MySpace, basically stating what I posted above. And I was attacked for it by the original poster. I would post what harsh words they spewed my way about how I was such a mean person and I was rude, but I can't access MySpace right now.

But the funny thing is, this person who posted it, who called me rude, is also the SAME person, who at one point, needed a job. I gave her the info, and she got a job here at my work. Well 4 days before her 90th day at work, which would also be when I get a $400 bonus for referring her, she up and quit out of the blue. Well whatever, I didn't name call or go nuts at her. Anyways skip to a couple months later, same person is back posting about how she needs a job...... yeah...

Anyways, my job is looking, so I get her her old job back. LESS THAN A WEEK LATER. She up and quits, AGAIN.

Now who is more rude? Me for not keeping a stranger in my thoughts. Or her, for being a dumbass and quitting a job that someone kindly gave to her, twice.

Anyways, to people out there that post these messages all over asking everyone to keep someone in their thoughts, just don't. Keep it to yourself and your friends and family who actually KNOW this person. Stop blogging and posting bulletins about it.

Because, if you cared that much, maybe you should be there at the hospital at their side, instead of posting on MySpace.

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  1. Well Ill keep her in my prayers...