Friday, April 24, 2009

Rob Zombies Halloween 2 Trailer..... fucks sake....

So uh, yeah.

Rob Zombie proves once again what a hack he is.

Click here to see the trailer for H2!

See it? If you haven't watched yet, go now, then come back. I'll wait...

Alright so, let me get this right. The Halloween remake he did the last time, the first half of it was his own ideas and what not on the original Halloween movie, and then the last half of it was just a complete remake of the original....

And now THIS time, the first half of it is a remake of Halloween 2, with the LAST half being his own take on it.

If you wanna call it that. From what I can tell, "his own take" apparently is the ghost of Michael Myers Mom haunting Michael and telling him to go kill everyone.

Yeah cause.... that idea has NEVER been used..... right Rob?

Is Halloween 3 gonna be about, Michael Myers being dead, and then the only way he can get to them, is by getting into the nightmares of kids?


  1. Why did you post a picture of Jason Vorhees???????????

  2. Because it was a punchline to a joke for people who are allowed to watch R rated movies. Go to bed.