Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How To Smoke Smarties. A Lesson In Bad Parenting.

So you might have came here because you are searching the new hot trend in schools. Smoking Smarties.

For those not IN, or on the DL, or got the 411....

Kids these days are literally taking the candy Smarties, grinding them up, and smoking them.


Yes, I am serious.

A news report I read this morning goes on to talk about kids in schools even snorting the grinded up Smarties. To that I say...

What are you? Retarded?

Look this is another example of bad parenting. When I was a kid, the cool thing to do was snort pixie sticks. I never once did, because I wasn't a fucking idiot. I would see people at my school doing it, then getting a bloody nose and running away crying. And the same is now happening with Smarties. Kids are doing it, and coughing and getting infections in their nose. Do they get any type of high of good feeling from it? No. It's impossible to. And this is where the bad parenting comes in.

The most important rule parents should teach their children from day one of their life on earth is to NOT BE A FUCKING IDIOT. DO NOT, GO OUTSIDE, GRAB CANDY FROM YOUR TRICK R TREAT BAG, GRIND IT UP AND SNORT IT. STUPID.

So if you searched on how to do this, and are wondering what is up with the title and this article since nothing here tells you how to do it. I will tell you how to do it, just so the title and article go together.

Go outside, take your Smarties, and get a hammer. Go to the sidewalk, set the Smarties on the grind, then take your hammer AND BASH YOURSELF IN THE FUCKING HEAD. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH, TO SNORT GOD DAMN HALLOWEEN CANDY, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING UP THE GOD DAMN OXYGEN ON THIS PLANET.

Thank you.

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  1. Yeah I had this kid at my bus stop that everyone called Tazz, cuz that motherfucker ate and snorted like 10 pixie sticks from the gas station every morning while we waited for the bus.