Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fuck you, Jamie Foxx. You too, Billy Bob Thornton.

I don't like Jamie Foxx. Plain and simple. Never have. The guy is an OKAY actor, not great, definitely not amazing. I saw Ray, it was OKAY. Yeah, he sounded like Ray Charles when he sang. The acting... eh, didn't do it for me. I kinda liked that movie he did with Tom Cruise, but that's only because Tom Cruise was bad ass in that movie. I don't even remember what it was called? Collateral Damage? Or was that the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie? Anyway, every time I see Jamie Foxx on an award show (why was he at the Country Music Awards???) he is promoting himself. He comes up to present, and he goes on for like 3 or 4 minutes about himself, his new album that's out, he'll crack a couple race jokes (ala CMA's where he cracked jokes about being a black guy at the awards, regardless of Damien Rucker's nomination) and then he'll promote a new movie, and then announce an award. Now there's this whole thing with him talking shit about Miley Cyrus. Whatever. Who cares if he thinks Miley has big gums? The bitch does! But now he is apologizing all over the place, saying how he was wrong, and he's a Christian and should set a better example. Yes, this is the same guy who immediately thanks God when he wins awards (he doesn't deserve) is the same guy that talks shit about 16 year old teenage girls on the radio. So bottomline, I'm sick of fucking Jamie Foxx stinking everything up. His music sucks, his movies are whack, and the guy is a douche.

Billy Bob Thornton. I used to think you were the fucking man. Then you went to Canada and turned in to a huge pussy. Where's the Billy Bob Thornton that fucked chicks in limos on the way to the Oscar... no not just chicks, but ANGELINA dude! You were getting the hottest ass on the planet at the time. Now, you're boo hooing because some Canadian dude mentioned on his radio show that you were an actor, even though you were there to promote your lousy band... in which you are a DRUMMER. What's even worse is, you were pissed because the guy didn't stick to the scripted points you gave him pre-interview. You were mad because he went on to an unapproved topic. What kind of douche goes on public radio, and tries to dictate what the interviewer can and can not talk about? Then, it hits an uproar, everyone starts freaking out about it, and what do you do Billy? You pull out of the rest of the tour and cancel and go back home to California. That makes you a huge pussy, just so you know. You Billy Bob - the man who once put his dick in Angelina Jolie and got naked with Halle Berry - you have become a huge fucking tool.


  1. Fuck it. Foxx is like every black actor in the world.

    Wins Best Actor/Actress at the Oscars. Then goes on to make retarded shitty movies for the rest of his career. Hi Cuba! I'm wearing your boxers!

  2. Fuck You Random Villian.
    Guess Who's Coming to dinner to fuck you up in The Heat of the Night?

    When I get through your Lilly white Field ass, it's going to look like a Raisin in the Sun.

    I'm gonna Shoot to Kill you Uptown Saturday Night and hang you from The Slender Thread of Your Sneakers.

    From Sir, with love.

  3. Angry Sidney Poitier is possibly the funniest thing that's ever been on this site