Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie Trailer

So if you are wondering, "what, the fuck?!"


Posted on Twitter earlier today..
- I'm not gonna lie, that new Hannah Montana movie appeals to me.

Waits for Devon to post that he only posted that as an April Fools joke...



    What a fuckin queer.

  2. No, not seriously. Sadly that Twitter post was exactly what we called it to be. Devons April Fools prank on everyone.

    Devons prank, for April Fools, was to tell everyone he wants to see the new Hannah Montana movie.......

  3. Why do I get the feeling that Phil is a follower of the church of Fred Phelps?

  4. Yeah, a joke, right, maybe someone would fall for that who hasn't followed this site for about a year like me. One look at the guy, and yeah, you know he'd be front row at the Miley concert freaking out. Nothing wrong with it, I'm not a homophobe, just stating the obvious.

  5. Dude its 2009, just come out, it's widely accepted.

  6. See, here's the thing. You ARE homophobic. Because only homophobes would hear about someone wanting to see a Hannah Montana movie and immediately equate them with being a homosexual.

    It was an April Fool's joke. Get over it. If you people are looking for a gay icon to follow so badly, go read Perez.

  7. Survery time.

    How many of you think a grown man getting excited to see the Hannah Montana movie pretty much HAS to be gay?

    Thought so.