Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you use the word "natch" then you are a tool.

I managed to get by for probably about 6 months of seeing people use the word "natch" in online conversations and comments before I finally caved in and looked it up to see what it meant. I was surprised to find it means Naturally. Now, here's where I get annoyed.. how much harder is it to type out "naturally" instead of "natch". It's like 4 key strokes. Not hard. Then, there's the matter of Naturally not being pronounced Natchurally... at least not if said properly. My point is, people who comment on blogs on the internet (not talking about here) and people who hold coversations on message boards are people who I tend to want to eliminate.

It's one thing to post on message boards and have conversations about reasonable things and share information... but why the hell do people feel this inane necessity to shorten words that don't need to be shortened? I don't understand it! Why can't you just type out the whole word?

Then there's the other thing about these same people that annoys the shit out of me. If you ever want to see a sorry excuse of a bunch of humans, go read the comments on news stories, or on's stories. These people ... jesus christ ... they all argue about TV shows on like it's the fucking God's hand-written testimony. Don't even think about coming in and cracking a one-liner or disagreeing, because next thing you know they're all going on about how you're an awful human being. Some guy cracked a joke about Susan Boyle and next thing you know there's like 100 comments calling him a demon. on the other hand, is primarily a commenting spot for the old and republican. Don't you dare go on that site with a liberal or democrat ideology, for you will be burned at the stake and left for dead. They do not play around... except for when it's a nice look back at the Bush Administration. If that's posted, they're all just as happy as clams, natch.


  1. dude its totally natch to say natch. i dont understand why you have a natch existing problem with natch....natch....


  2. This blog brought to you by the guy that uses the term NOICHE, or NOICE, or however the fuck he'd spell it instead of just typing out NICE.