Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes. I Know Today Is 4-20. Shut Up.

Good lord, back in high school, at the tender age of 16, all idiots would go on about is 4-20. Goin to get high and smoke some weed! And all I could think was, wow, how gay is that? Why do you celebrate 1 day out of the year to do something you do almost, every day out of the year? It's like if I was giving out Christmas presents every day of the year and then on 12-25 just went CRAZY about it.

It's annoying. People that lose their minds about 4-20 are even more annoying. But what is even WORSE are people in their god damn 20s 30s and 40s that are crazy about it. Really people? I mean it's not even a drug anymore. It's easier for kids to buy it than it is for them to get beer. So what the hell is the big deal?

One thing that is really annoying is Kevin Smith today. Now I am a huge Kevin Smith fan, have been for many many years. But following him on Twitter has become pretty damn annoying today with his constant posts about BLAZING UP and GET YOUR BLAZE ON! ITS 4-20! Really guy? How old are you? Twitter is flooded with people going crazy about today. And has made me click the REMOVE button on many people I was following, including one Kevin Smith.

Fact is, today is the most annoying day out of the year. I love to drink beer but do I go nuts on St. Patricks Day? No. People that worship smoking and getting high and getting their BLAZE on are pretty god damn lame and have some serious growing up to do. You know who those people remind me of? If you were a huge fan of a band, that weren't really well known, or on any major labels, and not on huge tours, but then got signed and became HUGE and all of a sudden it's fan base grew from a few thousand to millions and everywhere you go are people with the band shirts on and they go on and on about how they've been a fan for YEARS but you know they weren't. Yeah, that's who these people are that think today is the greatest day of the year.

Maybe instead of being dipshits, you should realize that Columbine happened 10 years ago today. And changed the way every kid grew up and how it basically stripped all of us of most freedom and free speech we had left in schools. No time for that, BLAZE UP IDIOTS!


  1. Yeah Kevin Smith has been really lame on Twitter lately. He spent all day Saturday whining about not getting laid on Friday night.

  2. Yeah, I stopped following him.