Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jim Ross Makes A Joke About Heath Ledger At Wrestlemania

So Wrestlemania 25 was this past weekend.

Out comes Rey Mysterio wearing a mask and outfit that resembles Heath Ledgers "The Joker" from The Dark Knight.

The on air commentators, Jim Ross, and Jerry The King Lawler, comment on it.....

Jerry asks if Rey is paying tribute to Ledger by wearing the outfit. In which Jim Ross, I dunno, I think he attempted a joke and said...

"At least Reys career is alive and well."

Really JR?

I mean REALLY?

Hey, ya know what? This morning I was driving to work, and my friend was in the car with us, and we saw a fat fuck standing on the sidewalk wearing a cowboy hat, and my friend says "Hey look it's good ol JR!" In which I replied "Yeah but at least this guys mouth fucking works and he can see out of both eyes and I bet this guy can call proper wrestling matches instead of calling a simple body slam a suplex and has a fully functional brain"

Funny huh? Man I am a CUT UP!

JR, just retire already. Take Lawler with you, his giddy bouncey fanboy act is annoying as shit.

Also, JR has since said he is sorry for the joke. Read on...

"Heath Ledger fans took me to task about my poor choice of words during Rey Mysterio's entrance at WM25 and for good reason. I had something else I wanted to say in reference to Rey's attire and I fumbled. My bad. My attempt to make a topically, funny remark came out wrong but it's on me. Sometimes on live TV things are said that one would like to have back but when one works without a net that's what occasionally happens. Nonetheless I am sorry for offending any of you with my remarks."

An attempt to make a funny remark, about a dead actor who is beloved by millions.....

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  1. What's the difference between Heath Ledger and Heath Ledger jokes?

    Heath Ledger jokes can get old