Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Bagger Idiots Suck George W. Bush Cock

Alright, it's fucking Tax Day. April 15th. 2009. A lot of people are having tax day "Tea Party" protests. A lot of these people are principled libertarians, small government Constitutionalists, consistent tax protestors, etc.

But I think most of them are fucking idiots. I'm talking about the George W. Bush "conservatives" who had no problem if the Republican administration wanted to waste trillions of dollars on stupid bullshit. Where the fuck were these people the last 8 years when George Bush earned the reputation of being the biggest spender in the White House over the last 40+ years?

Yet all of a sudden because Obama is elected everyone opposes "socialism"?

Where the fuck did these people come from? I'm talking about idiots like this guy Marcus C. Jackson, a Republican terrorist who posts here.

I'm talking about the lady I just saw on the news who was there with her 2 year old because she wanted him to know how the spending policies of "this adminstration" were going to ruin his future. Presumably she doesn't give a fuck if her son gets sent off and blown to pieces in Iraq or Afghanistan, but if he ends paying taxes his life is ruined.

I do have some good news for this bitch, though. You and your son probably won't have to worry about it anyway. Obama isn't raising taxes on the guys who ask " Do you want fries with that?". People who lack the intellectual capacity to be aware of anything that has actually happened in the world probably aren't prime candidates for hedge funds. Or maybe they are.



  2. I sure do love me some teabagging...

    Oh wait...this is some half cocked GOP scheme to rally protest under the guise of a grass roots movement while having sponsorship and endorsement from FOX News...

    Well then nevermind...