Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5 Funniest Movies Of All Time Countdown: #5

I remember the very first movie I ever got to go see in theaters. And that movie just happens to be, in my opinion, #5 in my top 5 funniest movies of all time.

Three Amigos

I have been a huge Steve Martin fan my whole life. Even though most consider The Jerk as his funniest movie, I hold Three Amigos dear to my heart. This is Martin, Chase, and Short at their very best. It may not be mentioned or said publicly, but if you think about it, Tropic Thunder is a remake of Three Amigos in a similar way. Where a group of actors, think they're putting on a show, and end up in a real situation. But to me, Three Amigos is 100 times funnier than Tropic Thunder.

The grand day came one Christmas morning. I had the flu and was laying on the couch, my parents rolled in a red wagon full of toys, and on top, was a VHS copy of Three Amigos. I laid on the couch, puking and laughing all day long, watching it over and over again. This was back when comedies were brilliant. Great actors, writing, directing, everything. Of course that all turned to nothing but gross out comedies and it seemed like the comedy world was dying until Judd Apatow came along and brought back good comedy movies.

Interesting Three Amigo Tidbits:

Chevy Chase's favorite film of his own.

John Landis states, had Martin Short turned down the role of Ned, he would have then approached Rick Moranis to play the role.

Steven Spielberg considered directing the film but chose to do E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial instead. He has said in interviews his choices for the roles of the Three Amigos were Steve Martin for Lucky Day, Bill Murray for Dusty Bottoms and Robin Williams for Ned Nederlander.

Sam Kinison had a role as Mexican bandit/stalker that was filmed and later cut by director John Landis.


  1. How long will this countdown play out over?

  2. Well good grief for a full schedule here you go.

    #4 tomorrow
    #3 Friday
    #2 Monday
    #1 tuesday

  3. I just didn't want to sit here hitting refresh all afternoon.

  4. Will we be seeing Step Brothers on this list??? =D

  5. Shhhhhhh dont spoil anything!!

    0 0

  6. I'm pretty sure my top 5 would be all be Apatow & Co. flicks. It would definitely be more contemporary. I dunno, I just didn't watch that many comedies when I was kid. You're a little older than me too, so you'd have been old enough to watch those, where as I wasn't. I mean, I've seen most of the good 80s comedies on TV or w/e. But as for favorites, it'd be more current I'm sure. I haven't really thought about what I'd put on it.

  7. Well even still, I love the Apatow movies, but they don't hold up to the classics. Especially what I have for #1 on this list.

  8. Come on buddy, don't keep us waiting.