Friday, April 24, 2009

MySpace Vs. Facebook

MySpace vs. Facebook.

The great debate.

The great debate that, if said debate really matters to you, then you are FUCKING RETARDED.

so G4 is trashing MySpace, even though every faggot on that shitty network HAS BEEN ON MYSPACE AND HAS PROFILES AS WELL. They are praising Facebook for being awesome, and MySpace being lame.

Well guess what.

MySpace, and Facebook, ARE THE SAME GOD DAMN THING.


I never had a Facebook until recently. Mainly because I got a Blackberry recently and it had Facebook on it so I said, fuck it, Ill try it out. And what do I find? MySpace, just with a fucked up layout.

MySpace bashers are the same as Dane Cook haters. They hate the shit that is popular just to seem different and edgy. Shut the fuck up.

Dane Cook is better than you, because he has millions and can fuck tons of chicks, you cant.

Also MySpace is not better than Facebook, and its not worse, because theyre the SAME SHIT.

That is all.

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  1. Never understood the fascination with either of them. In 1998 I had a website, email address, and IM client. It seems like that's all Myspace and Facebook offer, except their versions are more limited.