Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movela: Netflix Queue Manager Blackberry App Review

So I recently got a Blackberry which I love oh so very much.

Another thing I love oh so very much is Netflix.

Word came out that a queue manager application would be coming out for the Blackberry App Store, and I got all kinds of happy.

It was $2.99 cents to get this little application onto my phone. I dreamed of being able to browse movie titles, and add them to my queue at ease! And have glorious fun with it.

Well guess what, my dream turned into waking up in the middle of the night having to crap really bad....

I got this on my phone and instantly was annoyed to see the the ugly interface, which looked EXACTLY like the FREE netflix application that you can download. I thought spending the extra couple bucks would mean it would look sleek and be easy to use. Oh and browsing movie titles? Forget about it. You can only search movie titles. But once you find that movie title you want to add.... Good luck on adding it to your queue.

First you find the movie you want, there is no button that says ADD TO QUEUE, you have to open up your menu and select add to queue. Then you are taken to a screen where you enter in the number at which you want this movie in your queue to be put at. So I put 1. Cause I want this movie to be the next one shipped to me. UPLOAD FAILED. What? I'm not uploading anything I just wanna add-- UPLOAD FAILED. I think, hmmm odd. I go to my queue. No movie there.

Well that is about where the use of this application ended for me. $2.99 down the drain. So if you are thinking about getting this on your Blackberry DON'T DO IT! It's impossible to add a movie, the interface is ugly and is hard to navigate through. Just don't do it. Use the Netflix mobile site instead. Or just seek out the free netflix managers.

I rate this application one big huge fat F.

Enjoy that $2.99 Movela, that is the last of my money you will be getting.

Netflix, Inc.

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