Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Live Action Ninja Turtles Movie In 2011!!!!

Holy god damn YES.

Today officially kicks off the 25th Anniversary "Shell"-ebration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Complete with a screening of the original movie at the Tribeca Film Fest, as well as the Empire State Building being lit up in nothing but green tonight. But then the bombshell came....

A new live action movie is headed our way. The only sour note on this is that it's a prequel. Meh.... come on. We don't need a prequel. Everyone that knows the turtles, knows where they came from, how they got here, and how it all went down. We knew it from day one and were reminded once again in the first movie.

But fuck it, if that is the only way we can get some new Ninja Turtles, fine by me! I was the biggest damn Ninja Turtle fan on the planet as a kid. Bed sheets, pajamas, shirts, posters, figures, cookies, VHS tapes, cereal, posters, standees, if it had Ninja Turtles on it, I owned that shit.

No actors or directors or writers are on board yet, just a slew of Executive Producers from 300 and the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are.

Also if you're scratching your head as to the 25 years and thinking, wow has it really been that long? They're not celebrating the 25th anniversary of the movies or cartoons but the Ninja Turtles in general when they first debuted in comic book form, which will serve as the source material for the prequel movie.


  1. No. Not equally. You are not as excited as I am about this, there is no way in hell. You are in no similar league as I am on the level on being a fan of Ninja Turtles. You didn't even know the damn screenshot that I posted. That damn shot is in every commercial and trailer for that movie. You are no equal to me when it comes to the heroes four. Fucker.