Thursday, June 12, 2008

4 Boy Scouts Die In Tornado. Way To Go Scout Leaders

So over in Iowa. It is tornado season. And a huge tornado touched down and killed people and destroyed everything in its path, including 4 boy scouts that were camping.

Now.... call me crazy but, if I was a scout leader, and it was tornado season, and it was stormy outside, and the sky was lookin a little green, taking a group of kids out where there was no shelter is probably the LAST thing I would think of doing.

Anyways, I dunno why this news belongs here, I think maybe because it was stupid? That they would take kids camping in tornado season? Oh yeah and the boy scouts that lived through the tornado are getting badges. Way to go kids, you survived the worlds biggest threat. Stupidity.

You know what I really loved about the movie Twister? How Helen Hunt and Bill Paxtons main goal in the movie was to launch the tornado warning system device they had to help warn people of the tornado. Even though, they seemed to know exactly where, and when, every tornado that DAY, was going to touch down way ahead of time. Love that movie. THATS WHAT MAKES US! HU MANS BE EEE EEEEEEEIINNNNNNNG

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