Monday, June 16, 2008

The Master Of Our Childhood, Stan Winston, Has Died.

This is the darkest day of all. True people like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg brought us the movies. But the man that brought us the monsters, has died. The man who created the likes of Terminator, Aliens, the Monster Squad monsters, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, Edward Sissorhands, Predator, The Thing, Pumpkinhead, the list goes on, and on. He was the reason we remember the classic movies, and was the reason said movies are classics.

Details of his death have yet to be announced. This is really crappy news. Especially after the success he just had with Iron Man. Stan had done the practical effects for the movie. And was currently working on the new Terminator movie.

Our legendary movie monsters father has died. And the world is a sad place. I have been saying for years how much CGI has killed the magic in movies, and how greats like Stan Winston are barely heard of anymore. I mean imagine I Am Legend, with instead of CGI monsters running around, we had Stan Winston creatures.

We will have more details once they come in. R.I.P Stan. You will be missed.

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