Saturday, June 7, 2008

Phoenix Suns New Head Coach Is Terry Porter!

This news makes me very happy. I am so so glad that Mike D'Antoni is gone. Mike is the main reason behind the Suns choke fests every year in the playoffs. Mike has gone on to now be the head coach for the New York Knicks, ha, good luck with that.

But the news is that Terry Porter is the new head coach for the Phoenix Suns. He signed a 3 year 7 million dollar contract. He is a former head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks and did a pretty great job there. After his job there he then went on to be the assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons. Now the fans of the Phoenix Suns will see more than just 8 players. Mike D'Antoni was famous for only playing 8 players in his rotation while everyone else, especially the rookies, sat almost every game. The only time you would actually see some of the deep bench players was if the Suns were up by 20 or more points with 5 minutes remaining in the game.

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