Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brooke Hogan in Maxim? And HOT?!

So Brooke Hogan is a moron. And most of the time, she looks more like a man than anything. But these pictures revealed today from her shoot for Maxim Magazine show her to actually be... pretty fuckin hot. Thanks for comparing me to and me heading over there to find similarity in my posts and theirs which lead to me finding these pics. And also thanks to the guy that says we don't post enough hot chicks leading me to, post hot chicks. This post is for you two guys. Enjoy.
P.S. Her brother is still the biggest douche on the planet.

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  1. Her breasts are now amazing! Awesome post!

  2. omg, she a big girl, but i'd love to fuck her ass.

  3. omg, she a big girl, but i'd love to fuck her ass.

  4. This is the shoot Hulk had to oversee to make sure she didn't show us too much, wtf. Bullshit, She needs to show the ass and titties, fuckin do Playboy. Fuck these Hulk approved shoots, she's hot, if she's going to make it anywhere, she needs to take that shit off and let us see!

  5. Yes, I too find her attractive and would like to have sexual relations with her.

  6. Oh yes, this is exactly what i mean for this site. Post more of this every day and this site will be what all man need. Thumbs up.