Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie News Catch-Up! GI Joe Rise Of Cobra?! Revenge Of The Fallen?! The Love Guru Sucks!

Here is the latest happenings in the movie world since I've been gone...

Transformers 2 no longer 2, it will now just be called "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen." But we will still just call it Transformers 2. And when we go to the theater and ask for tickets, we will just say, Transformers. Subtitles are stupid.

Speaking of subtitles and stupid. Stephen Sommers latest attempt to destroy my childhood, GI Joe, will now be called, GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra. And yea, it will still just be called GI Joe by all of us.

Spiderman 4 will be headed our way May 2011. No word on who if any of the original cast will return, I highly doubt it and personally I am fine with that since Spiderman 3 was such a huge pile of shit they can all go rot in hell. And Sam Raimi needs to stop fucking around and go make Evil Dead 4 already.

The Love Guru bombed. Thank fucking GOD. I was so worried that it would be number one and make shit loads of money. Get Smart was rightfully the #1 movie this weekend. There is hope for the human race after all.

Hostel 3 is headed our way. But this time Eli Roth will not be writing or directing it. I guess that means this Hostel movie will actually be good unlike the last two. ZING!

Terminator 4 teaser trailer will be with The Dark Knight. I am still very UGH about Terminator 4, but it has Christian Bale in it and the man has yet to do me wrong. McG on the other hand, has done nothing but. We will see.

Oh and in case you didn't know, or care, a sequel to Donnie Darko is on the way, called S. Darko. Richard Kelly is not involved, which, to borrow an early joke, probably means this Darko movie will be good. Sorry but Donnie Darko is the most overrated movie of all time.

That is all for now.

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