Friday, June 6, 2008

Too Gay, Or Not Too Gay? That Is The Question!

For awhile now, someone around here has been questioned of his gayness. Most say he is, he claims he is not. So my question to you all is. What makes someone gay? What things would a gay person be into and like to really make them gay? What type of actions would a gay person take? Their behavior? What would it be?

To me, gayness comes in many forms. For example, if you get mad at someone you know, and have an argument and your FIRST reaction, is to immediately run and delete them off of your MySpace. That, is an act of gayness.

If you blog, about everything in your personal life, and in every blog you are crying, or whining, about something, thats kinda gay. But if the stuff you are crying and whining about is stupid shit, that no guy would really care about, or no guy would actually have those problems, that makes you gay beyond belief.

Listening to fruity music that only 15 year old girls love, like Good Charlotte, or All American Rejects, thats pretty damn gay. And when you go on to use quotes from songs by said bands to describe your current lifes problems. That is red alert gay.

Doing sing along songs in the car with your Mom is kinda gay. Not fully gay, but when you admit it to the world that you love doing that, then it becomes full on gay.

If you are a guy, and you cry, I mean physically tears down the face cry, over something someone says to you. And cry so much and so hard that you physically vomit from it. That is gay.

When you drink foofoo drinks, nonstop, and nothing else. That is pretty gay. 1 foofoo drink every now and then is fine, but if you just LOVE them, and drink nothing else but them, that's pretty damn gay.

When you take what people, especially strangers, off of the internet say to you way too seriously and throw fits and get angry about it, to the point that you scream I QUIT IM NEVER WRITING AGAIN! And then the very next day, write something, thats not just childish, thats mega gay.

If you do Jagerbombs. That isn't gay. If you BRAG about doing Jagerbombs. Then you are gay.

If you are a guy, and you have tons and tons of friends who are all girls. That you just love to hang out with and do silly things, and not a damn single one of them wants anything to do with you dating/sex related. And has no friends that they would know of that would be interested in that either. That makes you gay. Because then they see you as one of them, and they like the dick.

You dressed up like a care bear for Halloween as a child. That's gay.

When you play in E-Feds and other role playing games, thats ok, if you're a kid. But if you are a grown ass man and STILL taking that shit seriously. Gay. Superman Gay.

If you go and take all of the above listed and throw it into a blender, what type of person would emerge from this concoction? My theory, a seriously gay dude. But what about you faithful readers? What do you think makes someone gay that I have not mentioned above?

Now if you will excuse me, I have to wash my hair.


  1. I think it's kinda gay to keep track of some other dude's activities like that.

    Stalking men is definitely gay.

  2. Who said it was some other dudes activities? It's just a list of things.


    I love this site.

  4. Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Mr. Expert On Gayness.


    NEW ONE!

    If you are an expert on what does, and doesn't make someone gay. Gay. 100% Super Mega Spent Time Studying Gayness To Find Out The True Meaning Of Gay Gay.

  5. What makes someone gay? Generally, if he takes it up the ass, I think that's a good way to tell.

    Also, "If you do Jagerbombs. That isn't gay. If you BRAG about doing Jagerbombs. Then you are gay."

    My new favorite quote

  6. As one of his many female friends, I can say for sure that he is not gay.

    Him having lots of female friends doesn't make him gay, it makes him a pimp. Maybe he's not in a relationship with any of them, because he likes to keep it casual, and hasn't met one he feels that way about yet!

    You're the one who seems kinda gay to me!!

  7. What does any of this have to do with entertainment shit. Nobody with 5 brain cells even care about this shit. It's kinda obvious the dude that wrote this mess is a skeezy sociopath. I come here to read entertainment buzz, just stupid stuff not all this weird shit.

  8. Yeah, cause every PIMP writes a blog crying about not being able to get a girlfriend you stupid twat.

    And to the bitch bitchin about WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO. Mother fucker you cry about the same shit all the time. If you see something on here you don't like then don't fuckin read it.

    Otherwise, deal with it.


  9. Being a pimp is having a lot of girls as friends and none of them wanting to do anything with you besides gossip and "hang out"...well F much for my dreams of being a pimp, they've been ruined. And someone said RV is stalking Devon? Hmm, I guess we're all stalkers too, because half the shit or more he listed was done right here on this site, and all of us had to see it. We all go from pimps to stalkers now...dammit. How about Devon shows off some of his pimp girl friends and show us all he's NOT gay...seems like a simple solution rather than just bicker all day, lets see all those hot pieces of ass like that anonymous female friend that KNOWS Devon is not gay. Come on girl.

  10. If you are being called gay on the internet. And then go to your friend who obviously is someone you know off the internet, and complain about being called gay on a website, and then make them go and read and comment about it.

    Then you are gay.

  11. Also, how is him posting pics of friends that are girls going to prove anything? The real challenge for him is to post a pic of a girl that would actually want to date/fuck him.

    I remember the LAST time he showed off a pic of his ex. Good fucking lord I wanted to cry. It was like he ripped a page out of a National Geographic magazine and then scanned it on his computer and sent it out to everyone. Good lord.

  12. Funny when the idea of proving he's not gay comes up, the convo stop, lmao. Every pic Random has posted for the longest time has been totally gay. Do normal pics of Devon even exist? Seems that would solve some of this, but i'm not sure there is even just one in existence.

  13. We actually mentioned this a couple days ago. How everything just suddenly stopped. Of course Devon will come here now and say NO I STOPPED CAUSE THIS IS STUPID! ABER!

  14. Aber is the sound we imagine Devon makes when he gets really mad.

    He kicks something and then screams and his scream sounds like ABERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  15. Did you ever think maybe he's taking the high road and not acting like an immature idiot like the rest of you?

  16. Taking the high road? Reality check time, this is a fucking entertainment site, there is no high road, they try to entertain us, period. This site is actually kind of mild compared to the shit i see on or many other sites that trash the shit out of anyone and everyone. Fuck a high road, i'm an adult that wants to be entertained and laugh at stupid shit and idiots. Maybe a church blog would be more suitable for you.

    P.S. LO Fucking L at "Aber" fucking hilarious.