Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Villains Top List Mania!!!

So if Entertainment Weekly can come out with a totally pointless top movie list, so can I damnit! And since we are half way through the year, I present you with, Random Villains Top 9 Movies Of 2008 That I Have Seen So Far List!

9. Wall-E
True, this movie has yet to come out, it comes out this Friday. But I am a huge Disney fan. On top of that I am a huge Pixar fan. So no matter what, this movie would end up in the top 10 anyways. So I threw it on here, plus it was kinda hard since I haven't seen more than 9 movies this year that were good.

8. Run, Fat Boy, Run
Simon Pegg can do no wrong. No matter what. Even he is starred in one of those shitty Spoof Movies that are made every 3 months, I would go see it.

7. Vince Vaughns Wild West Comedy Show
I was pretty surprised by this. It even started off kinda slow and the comedians that went on tour with Vince Vaughn started off kinda lame, but as the movie went on, things got funnier and funnier until this movie found a spot on my DVD shelf at home.

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This is the Judd Apatow crew that I like to see. The Dewey Cox story was not that good, at all. Actually it sucked. But when anyone from Freaks And Geeks makes a movie that they wrote, and Kristen Bell is involved, then I am pleased. True it was not as good as Superbad or Knocked Up, but it was still pretty damn good. And I will make this a must buy for me.

5. Speed Racer
This movie BOMBED at the box office. And to me I think it had to do with Iron Man crushing everything in its path. Had this movie came out later this year in the winter time, it would have done better. It was a good movie. Visually stunning and I can't wait to own it on Blu Ray to check it out again.

4. The Incredible Hulk
We got what we expected. We all hate the first Hulk movie. And after seeing 100 commercials for this one we knew right away that it was going to be far better than the first. And of course Iron Man standing in the way with everyone comparing the two does not help, but I fuckin loved me some Incredible Hulk which to me, has one of the best Good Vs Bad fight scene finales in years.

3. Get Smart
God damn I was so worried about this movie. On one hand I was worried it would be one of those movies where all the funny parts were in the commercials, I was WRONG. And on the other I was worried that The Love Guru would beat it at the box office over the weekend. Wrong again. This movie earned the #1 spot this past weekend and it deserved it.

2. Rambo
This was close. Real close. Some days I think Rambo should be #2, other days it should be #1. It is really hard to decide. Movie studios are bringing back all of our childhood heroes. All the icons of action movies, but Stallone seems to be the only one who did it right. Rambo was everything I was hoping for and then some, it made me even more of a Rambo fan than I was before.

1. Iron Man
Of course. No need to explain further.

So there you have it. By years end this list will have changed drastically. We still have plenty more to go, so here is a NEW list!!

Random Villains Top 10 Movies That Have Not Come Out Yet But Might End Up On The Top 10 Movies Of 2008 List!

10. X Files 2
9. Hellboy 2
8. Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
7. Hancock
6. Tropic Thunder
5. Quantum Of Solace
4. Step Brothers
3. Zack And Miri Make A Porno
2. Pineapple Express
1. The Dark Knight

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