Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review: The Strangers

I started off liking this movie. The previews looked decent, and it started off decent. Then uh, I kinda just stopped caring and was rooting for The Strangers to win this thing.

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are a couple, they're in a fight, they come home to their summer vacation cabin get away place in the country late one night, three strange people show up, and torment them all night long.

This is the same ol same ol, typical crappy bullshit. The Strangers play games with Liv and Scott, Liv and Scott run around the house, never thinking to uh, run away from the house. Their car is torched and FUBAR, so they forget that their feet work normally and they could just start walking away from the house, since no matter how many times they look the doors, the strangers STILL get inside. Also Scott Speedman is the only one with a gun in the movie, but he's still running around and hiding, with his gun. Also they are always splitting up, never sticking together, Liv Tyler is hiding in closets and shit making all kinds of fucking noise. Ugh god damn this movie sucked balls.

Also, they are trying to sell this movie as, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, wanna know the true story folks? Writer/Director Bryan Bertino once when he was a child come to his door asking if someone was home. He then later found out that a bunch of houses on his street was robbed. Seriously, THAT is the TRUE STORY FOR THIS MOVIE. What, the fuck?!

Do not see this movie, save your money, go see Iron Man again. Of if you're like Devon, go see Sex And The City. Just do not waste your money on The Strangers.


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