Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nick Hogan. The Most Hated Celeb In The World? I Say. YES.

I just recently listened to his phone calls from jail to his Mommy. What a little whiny fuckin self centered bitch. He's bitching about being in solitary confinement. He hates being in there by himself with no window and being isolated. Yeah kid, you wanna go into the jails population where you would be either shanked or raped on your first day? Sure, go right ahead, I would laugh my ass off. On top of all this, the Hogans are all pissed because the phone calls are released to the public. When, while they are on the phone with Nick, a voice comes in and lets them BOTH know... THIS CALL MY BE RECORDED OR MONITORED. Fucking idiots. All Linda and Nick complain about is how its unfair to him and this is bullshit and he deserves better than this..... right kid. Let's take a look at the reason why Nick is in there. Racing, drinking underage and driving, then crashing his car, with his friend in it. And doing this to his friend.....Yeah thats a giant fucking dent in his skull. John Graziano is in a coma. And will require lifelong care. His life is over. He will spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. He is a fuckin vegetable. Nick Hogan, 8 months in jail, solitary confinement, away from the other prisoners, gets to read books, shower alone, and make phone calls daily. Gets out of jail in 8 months, and goes back to his normal life. John Graziano? Nursing home, for life, in a vegetative state. Yeah Nick, it is REALLY unfair. If I ever meet Nick Hogan I'm gonna punch him in the throat.

So what did John and Nick do before these tragic events? Nick was on his Dad's TV show. Being worthless, doing nothing important, living with Mommy and Daddy serving no purpose in life but to live off his Dads money. Brooke, his sister, at least was doing something for herself by attempting a singing career. What about John? Oh, he just served in 2 tours of duty in Iraq fighting for his country as a marine. Then comes home after 4 years to get in the car with Douche Hogan and his life is ruined forever. Anyways, below are the full recordings of the phone calls from jail of Nick crying like a little girl about being afraid of the dark, and not being out of his cell. Oh and saying Mommy. I never thought the day would come, where someone more worthless, pathetic, and HATED than Paris Hilton would come along. Nick Hogan makes Paris Hilton look awesome and cool and like someone I would wanna hang out with all the time. She served time in jail and didn't act like a fuckin whiny bitch about it.


  1. Great post. I've been pissed about this for a couple weeks now. Kinda killed Hulkamania for me even.

  2. Why? Hulk Hogan didn't do anything.

  3. You must not have heard the calls where he's talking about how John Graziano couldn't keep his nose out of shit, and wasn't going anywhere in his life.

    He was talking about how they could sell Nick's side of the story to magazines once he got out of jail.

    He was telling Nick "You have a brighter future than John ever did."

    Just shit like that.

  4. I stopped listening after the first call. Got too annoyed with Nick crying like a little girl.

    And I never liked Hogan to begin with. Not even as a kid. Mr. Perfect, Million Dollar Man, Rick Rude were my favorites, fuck Hogan.

  5. I am really mad about all this I hate the whole family now sorry HULK but come on he desearves to get punished hard core for this like any other person.I am talking about the crash not a ACCIDENT like his mom called it.(B&%CH) He should get no extra treatment.I wish that it would of been the other way around and they could see hom serious this is.Oh they would be pissed if the boy was the driver and Nick was in his spot they would be sueing him and wanting him to get punished to the max so except Hogan family Nick is a loser the poor viticm would of been better dying in the crash so he wouldnt have to suffer and for sure Nick would of never got out.KILLER!!!

  6. I HATE NICK!!!Just because he is going to still get a chance of life and his friend doesnt and they keep saying that they always had him there at their home and his family did not care then pay all his bills and have Nick take care of him the rest of his life by his side seeing what he did to his friend for ever. I for sure wouldnt want to be his friend.