Thursday, June 26, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Review

So people are STILL bitching about my Metal Gear 4 review. Since I hated it. Is that the same for this game? No.

My main complaint about games is cutscenes. Now some don't bother me, if the scene is just a couple minutes long, fine by me. But when the damn cutscene drags on and on and on and on top of being too long it is also boring as fuck, then it gets annoying. With Battlefield: Bad Company, there are cutscenes after every mission is completed, but they are never longer than just a couple minutes. They get to the point, tell you what's up and then you move on. As well as the characters in the game actually being funny and entertaining.

I am a big fan of Call Of Duty 4, so I was a little leary about straying from COD4, I felt like I would be cheating on COD by getting this game but actually, I am pretty pleased with Bad Company. There are a few flaws here and there, but it is nothing major. The camera is sometimes a little hard to control but that is very very minor. And when you are in a battle, you will be getting shot at but you have no idea where the hell it is coming from really. Which isn't much of a complaint, it adds realism to the game. You know where the shot came from but you can't immediately see the enemy, unlike COD where you can see the enemy from anywhere pretty much. Also unlike COD is the health. In the past few war games I have played, your health regenerates if you take cover for a few. With this game you have to heal yourself or else you're screwed.

As for the story in this game it is simple and sweet. You are 1 guy in a group of 4 called Bad Company. The rejects of the Army pretty much. You are the guys sent into the warzone before the real Army shows up, since you are expendable. Your rules are simple, destroy everything, kill everyone. And take a little for yourself. Unlike Metal Gear, you are not stuck with long cutscenes in between great gameplay. The game moves right along and it is pretty damn fun. One of the best features of this game is one that I wish was in COD. Sometimes in COD you will be playing an enemy and they will hide behind a wall and just sit there and no matter how many RPGs and grenades you throw, he will be fine behind that wall. Well in Bad Company there is nowhere to hide. If you come up to a house and there's a bad guy inside hiding, you can flip on your grenade launcher and blow the living shit out of the side of the house and walk in guns blazing, catching the enemy off guard. Everything in this game is interactive from what I have seen. You can blow up anything and everything as you see fit.

I have yet to finish the game so I can't really say how long the game itself is, and I have yet to try out the online mode, but I figured I would just throw my thoughts out there in case any of you were wondering about this game. If you are a fan of shoot em ups, and Call Of Duty, this game will please you greatly. If you are a fan of games that have 30 minute cutscenes and are not video games but are, cinematic gaming, then fuck off. Bad Company has no time for your whiney shit. Oh, and for all you Metal Gear fans, Bad Company has a little message for you as well.

And for you Rainbox Six fans....

And for the Gears Of War fans.....

For all the shit talking this game does about other games, it has the goods to back it up. This is by far a better game than Metal Gear, Gears Of War, and Rainbow Six. Ok not better than Gears Of War by far, but I enjoyed this more than Gears.


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  1. Wait a minute, an actual IN DEPTH review?!?! Unlike your pansy ass who used half of this review to basically prove that you're just as big of a whiny little bitch that you are complaining everybody else to be, I won't argue how retarded you are since I think the point was proven in one of your earlier posts that will go unmentioned.

    Good review, might be something I'll look into. If this was less of your whining that most people don't agree with you on certain subjects, you'd be solid.