Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton taps out! Concedes Delgate Race To Obama Tonight!

Thank God. Obama is just 40 delegates away from clinching the nomination which he will surely get today with support and votes in South Dakota and Montana. And Hillary has started preparing to throw in the towel tonight, when Obama will be announced the opponent for John McCain.


Hillary rambled on that she will continue to speak out on health care and other random shit. She also is going to be bugging Obama about him taking her with him and Hillary being Vice President. Blagh. I don't really give a flying crap about politics. I just figured this would be nice for all Obama fans to see.

So it looks like John McCain is set to become the next president. There are far too many racist and hillbilly morons in the world to nominate Obama. I don't really give a crap who becomes the president because either one of them is better than what we got now. If Pauly Shore was running, fine, I'll take the weasel as president. As long as George Bush is out of the White House, cool.


  1. She's announced on her website and on her Myspace that the AP story is incorrect, and she will not be conceding.

  2. IF she does not. She is only staying on to use some leverage to try and snag the Vice President spot. Give it up Hillary lovers.