Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WWE Is The Definition Of CLASSY!

Last night, on WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was part of a fake accident where the stage he was standing on fell apart and fell on top of him. Of course no part of the stage that fell actually touched him, but somehow he couldn't feel his legs afterwards and blah blah scripted stupid bullshit blah blah. And it is from the looks of it, an attempted murder storyline.

Well where the CLASSY factor comes in. This comes just 1 year, EXACTLY, TO THE DAY, that Chris Benoit went crazy and killed his family. Chris Benoit, at that time, was a wrestler for the WWE. Now I know it is a year later, but to do a murder attempt storyline on the anniversary of it? Come on.

Also, last nights stunt on Raw, with the stage collapsing and the explosions and madness comes just a week after a crew member from the enemies brand, TNA, was killed. How was this crew person from TNA killed? The stage collapsed. Yep, a real person in the real world was killed in TNA from the stage collapsing, so a week later, WWE does a skit about the stage collapsing. In the words of Mike Boogie, CLASS ACT.

Ugh, I miss the old days.

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