Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Masters Of The Universe Update! Script Review! News!

Before Sponge Bob, before Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one name ruled young boys lives. He-Man. I was one of those fanboys. Having it all, the bedsheets, lunchbox, pajamas, and of course the castle grayskull playset with the trap door and working draw bridge. I had damn near every figure. Then of course, He Man went away after the 2nd season, and Ninja Turtles entered my life. Then came the movie, with Dolph, ugh. God damn it sucked but, it was He-Man, so I would take whatever I could get.

We'll new versions of the cartoon have come and gone, Recently in 2002 a new cartoon came out that I actually just watched the other day when a friend of mine bought the DVD. And it was pretty damn awesome. Well Joel Silver is lined up to produce a NEW Masters Of The Universe movie, and Justin Marks has finished his first draft of the script, and latinoreview.com has reviewed it. I won't post the whole review, I will just say the things that matter. And Latino Reviews grade for the new Masters Of The Universe script? A+! It is being said that it is Lord Of The Rings, meets The Matrix, meets Batman Begins. Onward with the important stuff....

The movie will be called Grayskull: The Masters Of The Universe.

Fuck this Earth shit like the first movie. This movie takes place on Eternia!

It's PG-13 but could possibly have an R rated DVD release. No way they'll release this in theaters as an R.

There is no camp, or cheesiness.

No Orko.

It is a very serious script, there is not a single bit of comedy anywhere.

It starts off as an origin story. We get He-Man/Prince Adams origin, Skeletors origin, and the Power Swords origin.

It is being set up as a trilogy.

Trap Jaw, Evil-Lyn, TriClops and Panthor are all there.

Man At Arms, Mekanek, Teela, Zodak, and Battlcat/Kringer are there as well.

And how about some Rotons, Doomseekers and Shadow Beasts for everyone to ride around on?

From the sounds of things, this is the He-Man movie we have all been waiting for. The only problem is, since Joel Silvers last movie, Speed Racer, straight up fuckin BOMBED. Warner Bros might be a little reluctant on this. But we will see.

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