Sunday, June 1, 2008

Universal Studios Hollywood Fire. Treasures Lost Forever

Today is a sad day for film geeks and movie nerds everywhere.

At 4:45am this morning, a fire broke out in the backlot of Universal Studios. A massive fire broke out that destroyed the King Kong exhibit. The one where on the tram tour, you drive into the soundstage, and onto a bridge where King Kong is tearing down the city. It was also seen in the movie, The Wizard. A vault housing thousands of films was also destroyed, fear not though, it has been stated nothing was lost forever, as duplicates are made of everything and are all stored at another location. 8 Fire fighters were injured while battling the fire, but they will be just fine, only minor injuries.

Among the destroyed sets was the New York sets, used in hundreds of movies such as Spiderman, Transformers, and Bruce Almighty. But most heartbreaking of the destroyed sets that seems to be breaking the hearts of movie fans everywhere, the courthouse square, where the clocktower, from Back To The Future, has been completely destroyed.

Thankfully, besides the few firefighters with minor injuries, no one was seriously hurt in all of this. To me, I think it is a little bit of bad karma coming down on Universal Studios. I have been going there since I was a kid, and every time I go there, a great attraction is replaced with something stupid. or something great is just closed down forever and gone. Recently, Universal closed down one of the best attractions there, the Back To The Future Ride, to make way for, The Simpsons Ride, which had just opened a couple weeks ago.

The park itself remained open today, except the backlot tram tour of course. And the MTV Movie Awards, which will be live from the citywalk tonight, will unfortunately, still go on.


  1. The MTV movie awards actually turned out to be pretty good. The Wayne's World bit was awesome.

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