Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celebrity Circus: FAKE?! WHO KNEW?!

Someone from the set of Celebrity Circus, which aired last night on NBC. Has let the secrets slip that some of the "injuries" were fake and used to build up the drama. The very hot Stacy Dash from Clueless and Moving was shown "breaking a rib" she was then taken to the doctor who said she should not do the stunts on the show and should rest! But, Stacy said she would do it despite her injuries! She was then flipping in mid air doing all the things someone with no broken rib could actually do.

Then Christopher Knight, fractured his elbow. Went to the same doctor, who said he should rest it. And of course! Christopher Knight is no quitter! He must go on and do something else where he doesn't need his arm! Like walk the tight rope, holding a human being on his shoulders, waving to fans, and being just fine.

The person who worked on the set mentioned that there was never any real legit injuries to the stars, and that they were fine.

Expect this show to be canceled in the coming days, because on top of the fake injuries, the show also SUCKED BALLS.


  1. I liked the show!! I thought Wee Man was the bomb and Antonio is super hot! I am totally tunning in next wednesday at 930pm!!

  2. I know! I love little Wee Man:) Totes Wednesdays at 9:30, I'm so there!!