Monday, June 30, 2008

Trailer for "Somethin' Fishy" Starring George "The Animal" Steele and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Random Villain posted earlier about the greatest movie trailer ever. Well in a matter of hours, there may be a new greatest ever, as I stumbled across and couldn't help but write about the new independant film, "Somethin' Fishy." It's the tail of WWE Hall of Famers George "The Animal" Steele and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, who have gone in together and bought a fishing camp, but have no clue how to run a fishing camp. A lot of wrestling fans are already complaining and not appreciating this, but after viewing this trailer, I call it a masterpiece! This movie is a must see for any true fan of old school wrestling, and this sort of humor is straight out of the classic WWE TNT Show from the 80's, only better acting here! Check out the trailer, this movie just HAS to be greatness:

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