Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't Break Into The Home Of Noah Herron. You Will Pay!

Noah Herron of the Green Bay Packers, was asleep in his home, when he woke up to hear glass shatter downstairs. He called police.

Meanwhile, downstairs. 2 Men were rooting through all of Noahs things, when one of them saw Noah coming down the stairs. Holding a BED POST that he had unscrewed off of his bed. One burglar got away. While the other burglar, was beaten, by Noah, with a bed post.

So burglars. If you are gonna attempt to break into a home, make sure it's not owned by a 5'11" 218lb NFL Running Back. Cause you're gonna end up getting your ass kicked. The guy that ran off was later caught, and the injured burglar is in the hospital from his bedpost wounds. Both still remain idiotic.

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