Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Actor Brad Renfro found Dead in his Los Angeles Home!

Brad Renfro, from the kick ass movie Bully as well as The Client, Apt. Pupil, and Tom & Huck, was found dead in his Los Angeles home this morning. No one is sure what the cause of death is but, honestly, I thought he was already dead. But I guess I was thinking of that kid from Sidekicks. They both seemed the same to me. Jonathan Brandis! That's his name. Well anyways, they're both dead.

Brad Renfro has been on drugs for awhile now but lately has been trying to get clean. He had been arrested many times for it, I think he was even arrested for stealing a boat in Florida once, or maybe that was Brandis? My guess is Renfro took a little too much and OD'd.

Renfro had just finished filming The Informers with Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke (bad ass) Superman, I mean Brandon Routh, Billy Bob Thornton and Kim Basinger. Quite the nice line up right there. He was also attached to star in Joe The Engineer but, not anymore obviously.

R.I.P. Brad, I'll give Bully a watch tomorrow for ya.

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