Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The REAL Cloverfield Monster!

Yesterday Random Villain did a joke piece on the Cloverfield monster, but today I'm here to give you a direct look at what the monster will actually look like. has what they claim is an image of the monster from the mysterious upcoming movie "Cloverfield". Somehow, they've managed to sneak a peek at the toy version of the monster, that will be released in stores along with the movie. So if you don't want to see it, leave now.

Click on the image for a bigger look.

Movieweb says: You might want to disbelieve, but I think this is it. It's the image you've all been waiting for. Just check out the three claws on this nasty looking thing's hand!
I know we have been running a lot of Cloverfield stories on the film's viral marketing ad campaign today, but a new image of a supposed Cloverfield monster toy has "suddenly" surfaced. And it was indeed created by Peter Konig, the art director for the film.

So what do you think? Is this the Cloverfield monster? One thing is for sure, if it is, it should finally shut up the movie geeks on the web!


  1. You're a fucking moron. Even BEFORE I posted the joke piece, this was confirmed as NOT THE REAL THING.

    The whole reason I posted the joke piece was to poke fun at fanboys going crazy thinking this was the real thing. Jesus Christ do a little research into shit before you go posting it. Like I did, I saw the image, scouted around, found out that the image was in fact false, and posted a joke piece. Didn't you go to school for this?

  2. why OH why are you giving away the secrets of the movie you BUM. lol

  3. yo random villain needs to pull his panties out of a wad. dude wasn't hurting nothing by posting.

  4. not to mention, the dude even says in his post "what do you think is this the monster?"

    so he was leaving it open to speculation. you didn't once in your stupid fake post say anything about this picture, or "fanboys".

    you didn't mention scouting it or anything.

    he just posted what he found, made an opinion, and then asked the readers what they thought about it.

    so how does that make him a moron? stupid posts like yours on the other hand.........

  5. Yea I am a totally unique reader and I agree with Anthony. He's cool and sexy. Oh and I'm not him, I'm a different reader.

  6. Well, considering I was at work until 8 o'clock, where Blogger is blocked on our computers......

  7. Well originally I posted that comment just to get Devon all riled up and angry.

    But the anonymous people work great too.

    What I really like about anonymous posters is, its ALWAYS something insulting from them, it rules.

    i heart you anonymous

  8. lol really? Shit I just posted a blog about you and you got all riled up and said you weren't gonna post another blog until it was deleted.

    The amount of times I've made you cry and quit the blog, is proof that I can easily get you all riled up like a fat bitch at any time I please. Big Boy. I own you.

  9. did this dude seriously just use the word "own"? I bet he yells that when he's beating people at Halo online.

  10. Call Of Duty.

    Not Halo.

    And why in the fuck are you asking if I just said "own" when you can clear as fucking day read that I did in fact said it right there in that comment. God damn people are stupid.

  11. Thats not even it. The bigger monster was revealed to be like a huge blob with tentacles. This isn't even close to the little monsters either. This just reminds me a whale with one arm. Nice one paramount...

  12. Having seen the movie, I can assure you: that's not what the monster looks like.