Monday, January 28, 2008

Rambo Actually IS #1 At The Box Office!

Well the actual Box Office from this past weekend places Meet The Spartans in #1, with Rambo in a very, very close 2nd. But, in actuality, Meet The Spartans is #2. Rambo brought in $18,150,00 and Meet The Spartans brought in $18,725,000.

So you are asking, how does that make Rambo #1? Well it is this simple. When I was at the ripe young age of 15, or 16. And there was a bad ass rated R movie coming out, what was a kid to do? That's right, buy a ticket to some PG-13 piece of shit, and go see what I really wanted to see. Now with these two movies numbers being so close, on top of the fact that I don't know a single person that actually went and saw Meet The Spartans, it is all but obvious that I would say a good 1 - 2 million dollars of that 18 that Meet The Spartans made, is actually money from kids under 17 that bought tickets to it, and then went and saw Rambo instead.

If you have not seen Rambo. Go. Go now, stop reading this and go see Rambo. Unless you're a little girl or you're like Devon and seeing a mans guts spill out, or peoples heads explode, or little kids getting shot in the face is a little too much for you, then go see Juno instead.


  1. Little kids got shot in the face? WTF?

    I do want to see Rambo [not because little kids get shot in the face]. Wifey not too big on the ideal. How can I convince her?

  2. Uh, dont? Just go. Go alone, go with friends. Why you gotta drag your wife around?

    Or make her watch the previous Rambo films. Some women out there do like Rambo. If the wife is against it, just go anyways. Nothing should stop you from seeing Rambo. Just ask yourself...

    What Would Rambo Do?

  3. Shoot his wife in the face?