Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul Bitchslaps "Campaign" Carl Cameron on Fox News SC Debate

Ron Paul destroyed Fox News neo-con muppet "Campaign" Carl Cameron on the Fox News Channel South Carolina debate tonight.

Carl questioned Dr. Paul's electability and credibility as a Republican candidate. Ron Paul ably explained why he is the most conservative and traditional Republican on the stage.

Carl Cameron opened his last round of questioning by asking " Congreesman Paul, this is a question about electability.. Do you have any?" He then went on to rationalize his question by remarking that Paul disagreed with the other candidates on many issues. How could he be the nominee of the Republican party?

Ron Paul responded that he was a "strict constructionist" and the "most conservative" candidate up there. Explaining that all his votes and beliefs strictly followed the Constitution, Paul wondered aloud how a conservative who followed the Constitution could not be considered " a Republican." He wondered why the Republican Party would not want a fiscal conservative candidate that actually followed the party platform. He did not leave the Republicans, but perhaps they left him.

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul continues to show the true colors of Fox News Channel and its reporters. Fox News Channnel continues to show its bias in supporting policies and candidates that oppose traditional Constitutional values. FNC obviously supports a style of big govenrment "neo-conservatism" marked by endless war and runaway inflationary spending.

Developing...more to come, with videos and more quotes from the debate and Frank Luntz's cheesy infomercial.


  1. Wow, who the fuck is this smug bitch asking questions? This guy is supposed to be a political debate moderator?

  2. ron paul consistently wtfpwns every one of the talking heads that fox sends up against him. you think they'd learn by now to show the man some respect.

  3. lol! This reminds me of the saying, don't ask a question you don't know the answer to.

    It's too bad that Paul didn't underline how careful he was in taking back the question of elect ability in the general election. Don't want to highlight how absurd the idea of Huckabee, or McCain, running against a Democrat today. Neocons are so full of crap.