Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lost Boys 3?! Lost Boys Comics?! The Two Coreys 2?!

Corey Feldman wrote a blog. It's true, I read it. And in it he states...

"Lost Boys 2 is on the way and from what Warner Bros. is saying it looks great, they are already talking about doing a third…..;) we’ll see! They have also commissioned a 4 issue series of comics that DC comics will be releasing with my image as Edgar Frog, telling the story of what happened between the first and second movie."

I am very skeptic for Lost Boys 2, obviously, I love the first one. But the second? Hmmm, I am happy that they snagged the original Frog Brothers for it though. And I would for sure snag the comic to find out what happened between the two movies. He also ponders another season of The Two Coreys, which I stopped after 3 episodes, I know some reality shows are scripted, but this was painfully obviously scripted.

"the powers that be at the A&E network have ordered a second season of “The Two Corey’s”. Will I do it? Should I do it? Frustrating isn’t it. Welcome to my world! haha….. Let’s just say we are currently having creative talks and negotiations to see if we can find a way to continue the show even given the broken state that Haim and my relationship is in ."

Honestly, negotiating? Seriously, Haim, Feldman, do the fuckin show, like you both have shit to do anyways.


  1. Hey, I'm down. Cory Feldman is still awesome. Where the lost boys 2 the tribe will probably like balls for 2/3 of the film, the comic however will kick some serious ass. and as for the 2 coreys... the show was great. If you weren't growing up in the early 80's you probably wont get it. kids these days......

  2. This is the way it works. The Tribe was set to go straight to DVD straight from the get go so it has nothing to do with the quality of the film itself. My theory at this point, after watching the movie today, is the third movie has been setup. Basically the third one will be what the second one shoulda been (now try to follow me here). The reason why I say this is because Warner Bros. wants to establish a larger following and by basically by remaking the first one (I'm sorry but at the end of the day thats what they did) so now The Tribe will grab a younger audience's attention. This movie was worth watching just to see Haim and Feldman on screen again together, and when Warner Bros. realizes this then they'll realize that the original audience will shit when the trailer's for the 3rd one has Haim, Feldman and Newlander in it as Vampires! So basically now it all depends on Warner Bros. definition of success for their straight to DVD close to none promoting film, which can't be much. If they think a younger audience will wanna see it because of LB2: The Tribe and the original audience will wanna see it because of Feldman, Haim and Newlander then to them that will equal success. Plus they'll probably release it to the theaters. Lost Boys 2: The Tribe was all in all a way to test the audiences reaction, and depending on that there's a very good chance it could happen. But maybe I'm giving Warner Bros. way too much credit, afterall they are the whole reason why Goonies 2 has been held up for so long (and yeah I think maybe The Tribe was a small test for that too... for christ sakes the Aunt in The Tribe held up the DVD. I mean come on! It's kinda like saying "Hey younger dumbasses, if you haven't seen one of the best movie's ever go watch it so that when or if we spend money to make a second one you'll wanna go see it!"). Oh and it also depends on if Haim completely fucked up his relationship with Warner Bros. If you don't know what I mean then watch that episode of The Two Coreys when he all but ended his career on the Lost Boys 2 set.