Thursday, January 10, 2008

Black People Are Funny

This is a simple observation I noticed this morning. Black people are really funny. Now, I am driving to work, and I see out the corner of my eye a man walking down the street, wearing the biggest T shirt I have ever seen in my life. Now I see these guys wearing these giant white t shirts all the time, but this one was HUGE it went down almost past his knees.

And it made me think, about how funny it is. Black people, obviously hate the KKK. But um... Well just take a look, and think about how funny it is.

Thats right, I went there. How freakin idiotic and funny is this? Black people spend over 100 years trying to free their race and get away from these crazy KKK redneck morons. And in the end of it all, they wear basically the same shit. Only dumber. At least the KKK costume is a robe and shit, but what the hell is up with the giant ass T shirts? And where in the name of God do they find these shirts?! I never see these things in stores, but of course I dont shop at the retard stores that they do like, K MOMO and those other stores in the malls wear you can get the weird stupid words air brushed on in cursive. You know what I'm talkin about, wait, I bet I can find one of those pictures right now..... brb.....

Wow, just fucking wow. I quit. Not only did I find a picture of the shirts with the shitty airbrush pictures and stupid writing on it, but I found that stuff on giant T shirts!!!!Hot damn. I am officially speechless. Anyways, maybe when my brain is done melting from all this giant white t shirt madness, I will return and discuss, what the hell is up with blacks/mexicans/wiggers that wear baseball hats and keep the stickers and tags on it, because to them, it may be some weird fashion statement, but to me, first thing I think is, they just stole that hat from the mall and haven't removed the stickers yet.


  1. this is disgusting. it also really brings down the integrity of the website. surprise surprise look who wrote it.

  2. You think this is bad, you should read this....

    and this...

    and countless other blogs that are "disgusting"

    So shut the fuck up ya big baby. Its blogs like this that have brought people like you here daily to read.

    Also when the hell did this place get integrity?

  3. Pointless post? Are you people fucking blind?

    This is a BLOG.

    What I did, was write something known as a BLOG.

    Therefore, making its purpose, exactly what sites like BLOGGER were built for.

  4. I am guilty of this too but, we all complain and bitch about alot of things on this website...

    yet we cant stop reading.