Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Review: Cloverfield

So unlike Meet The Spartans, I actually did get a chance to go see Cloverfield tonight. And holy, fucking, shit people.....

It's ok.

Very, very very, disappointed in this movie. It had a few things going for it, and surprisingly, it was the characters. I was more interested in the characters shit, than I was about the damn monster. Basically, you seen the trailers, Group of friends throwing a party for someone thats going away, a giant monster attacks, they run all over the city while it attacks. And well, yeah that's about it really. Of course there is a subplot of Our main guy who is trying to get across the city to where his girlfriend is, who is pinned down and trapped in her apartment. But really, what the big debate has been is, what does the monster look like?! And does it really have little tiny monsters that fall of its body?!? Well, we have already seen a drawing of the monster that just hit the net a couple days ago. I won't post it for those that wanna be surprised, but honestly, it's nothing groundbreaking. And as for the little monsters, well just smaller sized versions of the things from Starship Troopers. Really both huge monster and tiny monsters are shit we've already seen 100 times in Sci Fi movies. Nothing new to see here.

And as for the action? Well, the friends run around, tiny monsters attack them, they run more. And that's really the extent of it. There is nothing groundbreaking, nothing innovative, nothing totally awesome, nothing that'll make you go "holy shit!" it is basically, just the shit you have already seen in the commercial, but this time you get to see the monsters.

What could have made this movie better is if it had more to it, I have a feeling there was way cooler shit going on and more fucked up things happening to people somewhere else in the city, only thing is, they didn't have a video camera, so we miss out.

That's really all I have to say about this movie. I would say it's worth a watch but, I have no desire to rush out and see it again. I doubt I ever will see it again.


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  1. Cloverfield is absolute shit. I can't believe I sat through the whole movie with that damn camera bouncing around like a little kid filmed it. UUUUUUUggggggggg what crap.