Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Food Review: Snack Time!

At work right now, bored as shit as usual. And well, I just had me a snack! So here is my review of, my snack!

I got me a box of Cheez-Its from the store to snack on. And I got a case of diet cokes to store in my mini fridge.

Well, I ate some Cheez-Its and they were damn good.

During the Cheez-Its, I also drank some diet coke, it's good too.

Ash had a taco.

I would recommend this snack to anyone cause its pretty damn good. See that, John Chow rolls in rented limos, talks about parties he goes to (yet we don't ever see any pics of him at parties), as well as talk about gettin chicks (and we never see any pics of him with chicks) then he does stupid reviews of restaurants that no one goes to, or has even heard of. As for me, I review restaurants, my own damn kitchen, and snacks! Chow on that Chow! Chow down on my balls!

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