Friday, January 25, 2008

Review: Rambo

Holy fucking shit.

That pretty much should just sum up my thoughts on this movie. Why? Because I said those exact words at least three times during this movie. This is by far the most violent movie I have ever seen in the theaters. I have no idea how they got away with half the shit in this movie. But as for the movie itself?

Fucking fantastic. I have been reading over at some reviews, they weren't any good. But just by reading them, it's obvious they're not Rambo fans. They're snooty critics that take shit too seriously.

This is the Rambo movie, hell, this is the action movie we all have been waiting years for. The plot is simple, basic. Some bad shits going down, some people go to try and help, they get killed/kidnapped, some mercenaries go in to help them, and Rambo tags along and well, take a wild guess from there. Bad things start happening to bad people, REALLY bad people. These are pretty much the most villainous vile people you could imagine, and they deserve what they get.

This is not a movie for normal folk. This is not a movie for most chicks, this is not a movie for Devon and other divas. This is a movie for MEN. This is a movie for hardcore Rambo fans. If you love Rambo, and you love action, you are going to love this movie. If you are not a Rambo fan, then what the fuck are you doing reading this in the first place?

This is a Rambo movie, plain and simple. No twists, no turns. Bad things happening. Rambo goes and takes care of it. That simple. People are complaining about dialogue on some reviews. Hey moron, no one goes to a Rambo movie to listen to people talk, they go to watch some asses get handed to them via Rambo.


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  1. I plan on seeing this flick. But my wife is very hesitant. I dragged her to Rocky and she hated it. But i hear pretty much the same the thing. Gore. Blood. Guts. Senseless acts of violence. Game on!