Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rick Moranis is a country singer....?

Yeah you uh, read that right kids. Rick Moranis, the man who made me laugh my ass off during my child hood is back with, a country album? Or a, comedy country album but honestly, I see nothing funny about this.

Click on the image below to be magically whisked away to a video of ol Rick and how his country singin career came to be.


  1. I heard a radio interview with him a few years back. They asked him why he had stopped doing movies and sort of disappeared, and he responded "Do you know how much money I made in the 80's? I got kids man, I just stay and home and play with them all day."

  2. Hes a cool guy. I wish hed get back to doing comedies and not, weird random direct to DVD kids movies. Honey I Blew Up The Kid was even tolerable. But after that? Eh.

  3. Rick Moranis was the bomb in Ghostbusters.