Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amy Winehouse Smokes the Crack Pipe, and the Proof is on Video

Yeah, it's no news after giving Amy Winehouse 1 look, that she's more than likely on something, ALL the time. We've seen the slurred performances, the apparent snorting of coke right on stage during performances, but now we get the straight up video of Amy lighting up the crack pipe, and using it right on camera for the world to see. Now you'd think she'd be careful about smoking her crack with the camera right up in her face, but obviously she's too far gone to even care. Now SHE is someone we would've liked to see on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew! With all the crazy Britney antics, and the Britney death watch, this video really outdoes it all, and Winehouse just propelled herself to the top of the death watch list I'd say...and the reaction of shock that people have over Heath Ledger will most likely be nowhere to be found if Winehouse is next, because we've seen for months now that all the signs are there, and this one tops it all off....so the question is, will Amy Winehouse be next?

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