Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update: New Hampshire Caucus comes to a close; Hillary Clinton Wins!

In a move that has left most of America's "Political Experts" scratching their heads, New Hampshire has voted Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama 39% to 36%. Sure it's close, but when everything was saying this morning "Oh that Hillary will lose by the double digits tonight", it's a helluva surprise to see her WIN.

These assclowns on CNN keep saying shit like "Hillary Clinton... yes THAT Hillary Clinton... has won the New Hampshire caucus"... oh shut up Lou Dobbs, you old piece of crap.

Lou Dobbs is so old he called this shit when Lincoln was running for office. That walking fossil doesn't know what to think, considering 6 hours ago he was positive Hillary was done for.

I hate you CNN. You and your bitchass Anderson Cooper.


  1. It just goes to show how random polling of voters is a horrible way to predict who will win a race.

  2. Cut Lou Dobbs some slack. It's not his fault he has to work at CNN for low wages and no benefits. if those darn Mexicans hadn't taken all the jobs old Lou would have a good union factory job. Then he could afford to go to the dentist and have his green teeth cleaned.