Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Review: Meet The Spartans

So this is a review for Meet The Spartans. Now you may ask, why the fuck did you go see Meet The Spartans? Well, I didn't. I don't need to see this movie to review it. I can tell you right now that it is a big pile of shit.

I am really sick of these god damn "spoof" movies that are coming out. Hot Shots was the last time I saw a good spoof movie. Scary Movie 1 - 23432432 are all a waste of fucking time. The first movie had some laughs, but nothing that would hold up in the second viewing. Then came shit like, Date Movie, and Epic Movie. Which no one on the planet over the age of 10 thinks is funny. The main problem with movies like this, on top of not being funny, is they make fun of current events. Oh look! King Leonidas just kicked Britney Spears down the hole! Oh and he just kicked the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" Guy down there too! Oh and Sanjaya!! Hey, guess what, 10 years form now, someone at the video store might be bored and wonder what the hell Meet The Spartans is, go home, watch it, and not get about 95% of the jokes in it because they're all dated and old as shit and no one remembers who the fuck Sanjaya is.

Now, when Date Movie and Epic Movie were coming out, I rolled my eyes a bit, and groaned and wanted life to end during the commercials for the movies. But with this movie, I change the channel! Most people change the channel during a stupid TV Show. Well, I change the channel during a commercial, too look for ANYTHING that might be on, I hit any random numbers on my remote, and I don't give a shit what I land on, cause I know itll be better than a commercial for Meet The Spartans.

People, please, do not go see this movie. Today is was proven that if we stop going to see piece of shit movies, they will stop being made. Today Uwe Boll had his backers pull out of all future productions with him. Uwe Boll will no longer be making shit fuck movies going to theaters with big name actors. They will now be small budget shitty direct to DVD movies, the way it should be.

Do not go see this movie, please end the spoof movie craze. I beg of you.

I give this movie a 0.1 out of 10.

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