Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Dark Knight Returns

No, that is not the title of the next Batman movie, I don't think it is anyway. It is just my clever way of letting everyone know this strange news...

Warner Bros has decided that The Dark Knight needs some Academy Awards. I don't disagree. So Warner Bros will be putting The Dark Knight back into theaters come this January, which is the height of the Academy Awards voting season. I find it kind of strange that yes, I loved the shit out of The Dark Knight like any other human on the planet with half a brain, but why would I go to the theater and fork over 20+ dollars to see it, when I will have already owned The Dark Knight on Blu Ray for almost a month? (It comes out on DVD and Blu Ray December 9th.) But of course, knowing me, and knowing how other people are about this movie. We will all head to the theater with the thought of seeing some other movie in our minds, then saying, aw fuck this let's go see The Dark Knight. Thus the reason I have yet to see Tropic Thunder. Went to the theater, even had Tropic Thunder tickets in hand, then saw The Dark Knight was starting at the same time. Sorry Downey.

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